Service Improvements – Car conversions (Chip tuning)

For a new driving experience

Upgrading a car involves maxing improvement of the engine, providing you with a better performance.
This improvement is achieved through reprogramming the vehicle’s brain with modern ECU remapping software.
Apart from upgrading the brain, we can also make further improvements:

  • turbo improvement and its peripheral parts
  • suspension improvement for a more stable grip
  • brake improvement

The aim of the improvement is a new driving experience, more comfortable and economical.

What are the advantages of chip-tuning a car?

Through the process of improving a car the goal is:

To increase the torque of the engine

To increase the horsepower of the engine
To reduce the consumption of fuel
When we choose to improve the vehicle the aim is through the new programming of the brain of the car to “take advantage » to the maximum all the dynamics of the vehicle.