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The battery is an irreplaceable part for every car because the correct operation of the engine and some other subsystems is based on it. Regardless of whether it is considered easy to replace for some, the best move is to visit a reputable repair shop to get it replaced properly.

At the Skalkos service workshop, battery life checks are carried out, replacing them with the batteries suitable for each car model and also checking the performance of the alternator which takes care of charging it.

What criteria are used to select the battery at Skalkos service

Manufacturing technology
Brand and reliability
Warranty period
Country of manufacture
The new technology in car systems, (e.g. start-stop or plug-in) or even the advanced safety systems constantly require electrical power, so car batteries must keep pace with developments in the automotive industry.

At Skalkos service we know well which are the right batteries, which will be able to satisfy the ever increasing needs in this sector.