Shock Absorber

Safety. Quality.

Shock absorbers are very important for the behavior and active safety offered by the car and their replacement, when the time comes, should not be overlooked under any circumstances.

The shock absorber is a component of the suspension and belongs to the same category as the disc and brake pads. A fact that means that the more kilometers the car has, the more damage there is to the shock absorbers, resulting in a reduction in the control they hear in the oscillation of the springs.

What should you pay attention to when changing shock absorbers correctly?

At Skalkos service we know that the right choice of shock absorbers is a very important factor for the safe operation of the car, so before making the choice, there are some points that we take into account. We know that in a small city car, it is useless to install hard suspension, because then both the car and the passengers are strained, while in the opposite case it is dangerous to equip a car with a powerful engine with soft shock absorbers.

In many cases, the country of origin of the car is also taken into account when changing shock absorbers. Depending on what we want to achieve, the combination of springs, shock absorbers and tires is interrelated and should not be overlooked.

At Skalkos Service, safety and quality are a primary goal and the shock absorbers are selected from among the most reliable companies worldwide.