Panel beating work

Specialised staff. Excellent results.

At Skalkos Service-lpg, we undertake all kinds of panel beating work. Years of experience and modern facilities enable us to offer excellent results to our customers.

A vehicle painting may sound like a simple technical repair process, but in reality it is a process that requires precision, expertise and experience. From the most complex vehicle paint jobs to minor repairs, our technicians understand exactly how to evaluate and estimate the overall paint job.

Skalkos Service-lpg’s skilled staff takes care of your vehicle, ensuring not only an excellent result with the most appropriate, quality and eco-friendly dyes on the market, but above all else with guaranteed durability!


Total car painting

We undertake the total painting of your car and you get your vehicle like a new one. Our excellent equipment (state-of-the-art oven, water-soluble paints), combined with our extensive experience in small-medium-large sized cars, make our services stand out and leave our customers satisfied.

Car paint locally

Most of the time, car painting needs arise in some part of the car. Whether you’ve had a light scratch, or you didn’t notice and scratched it, or even because the sun faded the paint on your hood, there’s certainly no need to worry. We are able to restore any imperfections in your car’s paint, individually painting the spot that needs it. So we have:

  • Hood paint
  • Bumper paint
  • Door paint
  • Tailgate paint
  • Wing paint
  • Trunk paint
  • Marquee Car paint

Car calibration - Chassis alignment

Calibration is considered a very basic service of the panel beating shop. The car that is to be repaired is placed on the calibration and once it is properly supported then the process of returning them to factory settings is continued using hydraulic pullers. Between the car and the caliper frame the technicians place the metric system.

The car calibre is very important in cases of frontal collisions, sassi alignment, and cross sections!

At Skalkos service-lpg, we undertake your car calibration with safety, responsibility and professional manner!


Plastic parts repairs

It is very common for the plastic parts of the car to have various damages such as broken bumpers, broken plastic in the mirror frame, broken headlight bases and various other things. In these cases, replacing them either with new or used parts costs a lot of money.

Such repairs, with the right equipment and experienced technical staff, can be repaired saving a lot of money and valuable time.

The result of such repairs, at Skalkos service-lpg, is excellent!


Carbon fibre dyes

These dyes are suitable for painting the plastic, metal or aluminium parts of the car e.g. mirrors, handles, air vents, air intakes, bumpers, instrument panels, bonnets, fenders, exhaust guards, wheels, brake calipers, motor caps and many more.

At Skalkos service-lpg, all our skilled staff works with quality and focus on detail!


Polishing - Painting

There are many times when we look at our car and think that it is fine for the years we have had it and if it didn’t have the scratches and some other minor imperfections it would certainly look like new.

In this case it’s safe to say that you need a polish to protect its paint. Car polishing is that process that provides shine while removing scratches, other paint, resin etc..

Car waxing offers even better results for weather protection and a long-lasting shine.
Trust us and see your car shine like new.


Headlight Cleaning

In almost all vehicles and no matter how much a car has been protected from various weather conditions, at some point or another the headlights are dimmed. In this case, the problem is not only aesthetic but also substantial, since what happens is reduced light output and therefore reduced safety in night driving. Buying new ones is usually quite expensive compared to un-doing the headlights.

At our headlight shop we can deburr and crystallize your headlights, giving you perfect visibility, improved appearance and of course saving you money on buying new ones.

Our prices are unbeatable and the result of the work is outstanding!